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The Power of Predictive Analytics in Commercial Lines Sales

The commercial insurance landscape is dynamic. Businesses face ever-evolving risks, and independent agencies need to be at the...

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Maximizing Monoline Potential for Insurance Agencies

For independent insurance agencies, personal lines monoline customers – those with a single policy, typically auto or homeowners...

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The Unexpected Rumble: Why Earthquake Coverage May Be Worth Consideration

When it comes to protecting your clients' homes, independent insurance agents like us juggle a variety of risks. Fire, theft, and...

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The Unexpected Rumble: Why Earthquake Coverage Deserves a Spot on Your Business Radar (Nationwide)

Imagine a place like Connecticut, known for its historic charm and steady pace of life. Then, the ground rumbles. This scenario,...

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The Rising Tide: Flood Coverage in the Age of Flash Floods

The weather's changed, and it's not just your weekend forecast. Climate change has brought a surge in flash floods, those sudden,...

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Rising Tide: Flood Coverage for Businesses

The weather patterns have shifted, and it's not just impacting weekend barbecues. Climate change has brought a surge in flash...

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The Carrier Dance: Finding Your Rhythm in Commercial Lines

Ah, the world of commercial lines insurance. It's a land of opportunity, complex risks, and let's be honest, a whole lot of...

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The Sweet Spot: Finding Your Perfect Carrier Mix

Anyone who's been in the independent agent game for a while knows the dance with carriers. You forge partnerships, offering their...

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Premium per customer (Commercial Lines): The Inside Story

In the dynamic world of commercial insurance, independent agencies like yours navigate a complex ecosystem. Building strong...

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The True Story Behind Premium Per Customer: Looking Beyond the Dollar Sign

In the fast-paced world of insurance, independent agencies like yours navigate a dynamic landscape. Building strong client...

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