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While the world around us is changing so rapidly, adapting to this change is no longer an option but a necessity to survive. The Indian Insurance Industry, too, as a whole, has proven its resilience in the current dynamic context but nevertheless continues to face various challenges to be dealt with as it navigates through this evolving landscape.

As innovators, we at Aureus Analytics felt the urge to aid these giant strides with a little insight from the who's who of the industry. Thus, came about the metamorphosis of 'Aureus Insights' from a weekly blog to a periodically published yearbook in India that encapsulates this changing trend in the inaugural edition, the AI landscape, and a bird's eye view of what we can expect on the road ahead.   

This carefully curated yearbook encompasses a confluence of industry stalwarts' personal thoughts and views, based on their extensive experience as pioneers, thought leaders, and innovators in the insurance domain. We invited leaders from insurance organizations across India, our customers, partners, consultants, and our team members, to participate in this initiative.

We aim to provide you with a holistic picture that captures the various dimensions of the Indian Insurance industry across underwriting, pricing, distribution, claims, retention, and customer experience. 

Striving to Deliver What Consumers Want

Decoding a customer-centric approach, Rishi Mathur explains how digitization has on customer evolution, while Abhijit Gulanikar describes how personalizing interactions with customers using deeper insights is key.

We explore the impact that customer experience has on customer loyalty with Rajiv Malhan and Rahoul Anders highlights the vital role that AI plays in deriving a valuable in-depth understanding of the insurance market using External Consumer Data. 

Data-driven artificial intelligence and analytics play a crucial role in providing business insights the world over. Insurance being a low-density product with limited customer interaction, deeper customer insights become necessary to reach your target audience. To endorse this in the insurance domain, we have Rushabh Gandhi's take on how insurance companies are adopting a physical approach to deal with the new normal. At the same time, Kayzad Hiramanek describes how AI plays a crucial role in transforming the insurance product at its very core.

InsurTech: Streamlining Inefficient Processes

From a global perspective, the outlook on how organizations are leveraging the Power of Data to reap benefits in local regions across the globe is covered by Michael Cormier and Sabine VanderLinden. Sabine shares her wider yet in-depth insight into how AI technologies can improve our lives' quality across industries. 

With our authors' assistance, along with their expert opinions and deep-insight shared in this yearbook, we have tapped every nook and corner of the insurance industry that is ready for an overhaul.

We hope 'Aureus Insights' serves as a launchpad for a digital transformation roadmap that leads to a path for developing new technologies or leveraging existing technological advancements to find solutions for better products and services in the insurance industry. Our team toiled tirelessly to put together this leading-edge yearbook, and we would love to know what you think. Leave us a comment on your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Click the link below to get your copy of 'Aureus Insights – 2021 (India Edition).'


Prerana Suvarna
Prerana Suvarna
Prerana has over 13 years of experience in the integrated marketing communications space. In these years, she has worn multiple hats to help brands engage with its audience and gained varied exposure to marketing channels like media, creative, activations, and digital. Prerana has worked with brands to create and leverage solutions to capitalize on their marketing spending more effectively.

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