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My transition from an Intern to a Full time employee.

My transition from an Intern to a Full time employee.

You reach office and notice an array of sweets on display on your way towards your cubicle. After settling down, you pick one of those sweets and head towards a brain-storming session for developing a new software product from scratch. The session starts with a rib-tickling one-liner from the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Nitin Purohit.

What I described above is typical of how my days begin at Aureus Analytics. I was fortunate to start my big data career as an intern under the mentor-ship of our Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Nilesh Karnik. It gave me an opportunity to watch the working of a start-up from close quarters. I felt like a funambulist, performing a balancing act of contributing to technology team while grappling with my data science assignment. While I was trying hard to find my feet in the new setup, Nilesh was particularly supportive during those days. His humility combined with high standards of professional conduct really facilitated me in coping up with various challenges during my stint.

After having worked with a large services company for close to three years, I was initially bowled over by the cultural paradigm shift I experienced after I joined Aureus. I couldn’t help but compare the refreshingly different work atmosphere of Aureus with that of my previous company.

One of the first things that strikes you during the initial few days is the rampant use of humour throughout the day. It’s not as if people don’t crack jokes in other companies but it’s a different story here at Aureus. While you appreciate this cultural facet, you also observe that the structure of hierarchy is conspicuous by its absolute absence. Senior executives cracking funny jokes, a few of them even self-deprecating, is not uncommon. In fact, leading the pack in both, destroying the hierarchy and inducing humor, is the CTO and co-founder, Nitin.

In my humble opinion, the credit for fostering such an amiable work culture in the firm should be shared by the three co-founders. Without their conscious and constant effort, I would find it hard to imagine the existence and sustenance of such a work environment. Small gestures like welcoming every employee with a bouquet of flowers and a box full of chocolates on their first day or celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries with warmth, go a long way in making you feel at home. And Ashish, COO and co-founder, ensures this by maintaining a firm grip on the overall functioning of the company with a proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove.

One of the many unique cultural aspects of Aureus are the Monthly Team Meetings. These meetings are addressed by the very approachable CEO and Co founder, Anurag. The purpose of these meetings is to ensure a synchronized working of various functions of the firm. It’s an open forum with all team members present without exception and more often than not, it eventually turns out to be an impromptu brain-storming session. Your thoughts are welcome on each and every aspect of the firm. This instills in you a tremendous sense of belonging.

At Aureus, you are encouraged to contribute towards any task over and above what falls within the ambit of your job profile and you are limited only by your own capacity to do so. It being a technology firm, I think the subtle efforts made by Nitin in ironing out the differences of opinion within the firm and maintaining a light work atmosphere by dishing out daily doses of humor really make Aureus a very special place to work at.


About Ketan Pandit

Ketan has over 8 years of experience in helping organizations develop messaging for their clients. Having worked in multiple roles across some of the largest global technology firms, Ketan takes care of Marketing, Brand Development, Partnerships and PR for Aureus.

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