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Template management in PULSE got even easier

Template management in PULSE got even easier

Managing multiple survey mappings can be tough on you and your time! With that in mind, we had developed templates that a user could design and reuse for surveys analysis from the same process group. This in itself has helped our users cut down time taken to map a survey with an underlying model by 90%! Huge isn’t it!

Well, we have taken it to a new level altogether now.

We’ve introduced template management recently.

About ‘Template Management’


  1. From the ‘Review’ library, users can now access all the templates that are currently in use as well as see the total numberof surveys developed using each template.
  2. Users can now rename or delete existing templates right from within the module.
  3. This role based feature is dependent on a user’s access rights.

How does this affect you, the user?

Template management makes it simpler for the user to keep track of the multitude of templates developed across the organization.  The super user or admin can define the templates that are allowed for each survey analysis.

When will you get this feature?

The feature is rolled out to all customers and trial accounts already!




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