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Shooting One Another

Shooting One Another

At Aureus we have some extremely talented people, bubbling with energy all the time. Food and humor go hand in hand with us. In fact it works like a common denominator for the entire team. We have been out on team dinners and team lunches but a team outdoor activity was on cards for a long time. March was the right time as we had lot of new faces in the team, and summers was around the corner!

Learnings we wanted from this activity:
• Ability to handle surprises
• Team Work and strategy
• Cross team interaction

The entire event was kept under cover and the team was only told about the date, time and attire and the time. The guessing game started from the day one and it helped build lot of excitement.

Since this was our first outdoor event, we didn’t want the team to travel a long distance in the unpredictable Mumbai traffic. We are fortunate that we have an adventure gaming zone next to our office! We ended up developing a customized package with the help of the organizers.

The entire team was divided into two groups – Spartan and Vikings. Both the teams had a girl captain. Teams were announced on the spot – step one of the surprise element! This was exciting since no one knew who they would be partnering with for the activities.

The first team activity was the Acid River. Teams were supposed to cross an imaginary river, which was purportedly filled with acid. The catch? We were supposed to do this on to planks only! This was a high energy team game where teams race against each other and also against time. The game was all about co-ordination and working in tandem with each other. Using Ropes and Wooden planks, team need to cross the acid river safely. It took a serious amount of effort to maintain the coordination! It was like singing in a chorus– one missed beat and the whole composition would collapse!


Key Take Away: Team Work always wins!


By the end of the Acid River round there were no individuals but only two teams Spartans and Vikings. Next up was paintball! A lot of us were playing paintball for the first time, and this made it all the more exciting Dressed as snipers everyone was busy making strategies to tackle the opposition and win! . Three different rounds of paintball and three different strategies. It was great to see teams’ ability to strategise the entire sequence. Every individual had a role to play in the game and the team with the best strategy and team work won this round.


Key Take Away: Good Planning can break any defense!


Our last activity for the evening was minefield. Herein, a simulated minefield is created in a small constricted space, and individuals have to cross this minefield, and collect ‘gems. The catch? Only that you are blindfolded, and one of your teammates has to voice guide you! It was test of concentration and keen ears and also how much you trust your partner.


Key Take Away: Trust your team!


The day ended with great food – our common denominator and with the absolute resolution that we must redo this activity often!


For more pictures of Aureus, check us out on Flickr


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