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PULSE 1.2 : Product Features Update

PULSE 1.2 : Product Features Update


built PULSE for our Insurance customers, who wanted a robust solution to help them bridge the gap between what the customers were asking for and what they were getting back.

PULSE proved to be a great fit for our customers, as it helped them develop more concrete actionables based on customer survey data.

Since its inception, we gave our customers the power to guide the direction of PULSE’ evolution. The ‘Suggest a Feature’ option was one of the oft used feedback mechanism. Using the feedback from customers, PULSE 1.2 has been rolled out with the following features:

Chart Busters – Analytics Center Upgrade

  1. One of the most requested feature was the view of latest NPS. We accomplished this by the introduction of a widget to show NPS score on the dashboard. The user can now see the last NPS as well as previous NPS across processes, right from the dashboard.
  2. Zoom-in and zoom-out facility on all the charts which allows user to highlight a specific perspective.
  3. Chart Download widget supports export in zoom-in mode.
  4. Availability of measure based variable to be chosen as X-axis parameter.
  5. Facility to use dual axis on the Y dimension. This will help in proper visualization of two different measures which are vastly different in scales in a more intuitive manner.
  6. The NPS widget, doughnut charts, pie charts have been facilitated with a mechanism to switch between count & percentage labels

Templatize – Don’t reinvent the wheel

  1. Users can save existing mappings as template for future reuse. The views from the survey also get saved as part of the template.
  2. When the template is applied on a new survey all the mappings get applied which will save a lot of time for the users. The users can modify the mappings.
  3. The views from the template also become available as default view in the analytics center.
  4. This facility will be extremely useful to users who have a standard approach for capturing surveys which can be reflected as a template which can hold the default mappings and views.

Excel – Facility to upload data in .XLS and .XLSX format

  1. This has been a long standing request from the users that they should be allowed to upload data in XL formats. We have now enabled this option with specific guidelines which are visible on the upload screen as a link for reference

Lean is Clean:  Dashboard game on point!

  1. The dashboard has been made leaner with lesser noise and more of relevant information.
  2. The dashboard is also more alive to the user clicks and shows data and graphs as per the user clicks providing a richer user experience in terms of ease of getting the required information quickly.

We hope to keep you engaged in the product development journey of PULSE through regular communication. And with every new release, we look forward to your feedback as well.


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