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PULSE 1.3: Comparisons are Awesome!

PULSE 1.3: Comparisons are Awesome!

As with every product release, we promise to keep you updated with the latest developments in PULSE. We recently launched version 1.3 of PULSE and it has some really cool features that will make your Net Promoter Score Analytics journey even more on point!

Compare Away

One of the biggest features launched in this release is the Comparator. As the name suggests, this feature will let you compare analysis from two different periods. As a user, we understand your biggest challenge could be trying to figure out what worked and what didn’t. With the Comparator it is now easy to know what aspects of your customer’s sentiment changed and what led to it. The Compare feature can be run from within the survey analytics or from the menu bar. The user can compare bars, lines and graphs as well as Wordclouds.
Which brings me to the second feature upgrade:The WordClouds.

Better, Stronger and More Valuable

We’ve enhanced the Wordcloud to show more relevant survey and interaction analytics details. With the Compare feature, it is now possible to merge WordClouds from two or more different customer segments and get a consolidated view. What’s more, the underlying NLP algorithms to generate the WordClouds are more accurate than before.

More customization options

  1. In our endeavor to make usage even more simpler, we’ve added a few tweaks and enhancements:
  2. More date formats. Now choose your date settings as either DD-MM-YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY.
  3. Export with or without Data Labels. Nothing is more annoying that guesswork on a numbers chart. Directly export your charts from the analytics center.
  4. Make it more business-y by adding your company logo

We’ve already planned a few big features for version 1.4 of PULSE. Stay tuned!


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