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PULSE 1. 4 : 3rd Party Integration Introduced

PULSE 1. 4 : 3rd Party Integration Introduced

We work with a lot of insurers. And realised that a lot of them use Survey Monkey to execute their surveys.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if they could just use their survey data from Survey Monkey directly without having to get into the hassles of export and import?

So that is exactly what we did. We built in Survey Monkey integration into PULSE! Now a user can simply integrate their Survey Monkey account with their PULSE account and pull in surveys directly. The integration is a one time process, and holds true until the user decides to pull the plug.

A company can authorize integration with only one Survey Monkey account. But worry not! We are working to introduce a user level account integration as well.

Simply login to your PULSE account, head to the PULSE Settings tab, and you will see the Survey Monkey integration option!

Meanwhile, we have also identified a few other services that users have requested integration with.

Stay tuned for PULSE 1.5!

Till then!

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