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Process Level NPS Goals and WordWise Using PULSE

Process Level NPS Goals and WordWise Using PULSE

Most organizations tend to measure the Net Promoter Score either on the relationship or at a transactional aka touchpoint level, but seldom both. While PULSE gives the user an option to analyse NPS at both levels, with this new release we’ve made it possible to define and manage NPS goals at the process level as well!

Why is this important?

Well, when you have a goal, you strive to achieve it. Organizations define a larger company-wide goal that everyone works towards. That’s your relationship or top level goal. To achieve that goal, it is important that all the underlying processes or touchpoints also get their game on point. Hence process level goals are needed to make that happen. It’s quite logical if you think about it.

With process level goals in PULSE, a user can define a separate NPS goal for each process within the settings, and then achieve them.



Another feature we introduced in this release is WordWise. While analysing on a process level is great, analysing on a singular word level is greater.


WordWise, currently in beta, aggregates the occurrences of each word that is statistically relevant. We are experimenting with trying to understand the impact of each keyword on the NPS analysis. Over the next few weeks, WordWise will become a more powerful and an indispensable tool towards NPS improvement.

Other key features and enhancements in this release are the ability to export the word cloud into multiple formats, and applying a date filter on the customer journey.

Each of these features are rolled out for all existing subscribers.

Go ahead – be an NPS ninja!



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