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Microsoft Ventures and NASSCOM present Aureus Analytics at the CAP FinTech Showcase

Microsoft Ventures and NASSCOM present Aureus Analytics at the CAP FinTech Showcase

Whenever NASSCOM organizes a startup + big players meet, you can be assured that the event will be worth every minute you spend there. The recently organized CAP FIN-Tech showcase in association with Microsoft Ventures, was no different.

Aureus Analytics was invited by NASSCOM to present at the event. There were 9 other startups, all operating in the financial technologies space. The shortlist of startups was as diverse as one could imagine. From card management to sales acceleration and human resources function and mobile security, the event covered phenomenal talks by the founders.

Ravi Narayan from Microsoft Ventures opened the session and highlighted the need for large organizations to work with startups. Startups bring fresh thinking into the ecosystems which may just be the shot in the arm that large enterprises need to innovate and move ahead. Ravi compared the startup – large enterprises partnership with the relationship between Dronacharya and Eklavya, though a lot of founders present weren’t as keen to lose their thumbs! The underlying thought was ‘learning from observation’.

Ravi Narayan opening the sessionRavi Narayan opening the session

A case in point was the relationship between HDFC Bank and Zing HR. Zing HR was a startup when it engaged with an established player with HDFC to provide employee life cycle solutions to HDFC. Speakers from both organizations spoke fondly of the time when stakeholders at HDFC Bank had to trust their gut instinct and trust the passion of Zing HR, rather than just go with ‘safe’ bets.

With that context set, it was time for startups to do their thing.
And since we were going alphabetically, Aureus was the first to present its solution and offerings.
Nitin Purohit, Co- Founder and CTO of Aureus presented the platform and product suite. Aureus’ platform – ASAP, generated a lot of interest from the attendees, with most folks keen to understand the interoperability, scalability and delivery modes of the platform. Since the audience were largely from the banking or associated sectors, the questions also did revolve around how the banks can maximize the leverage from ASAP and Aureus’ other products. What made the session extremely interesting was the high level of audience participation.

Nitin Purohit presenting at Nasscom for Aureus AnalyticsNitin presenting Aureus Platform and Product Suite

Events like this as are a good platform for both startups and enterprises to come together and explore synergies, and leverage resources and capabilities. As Ravi succinctly put, the ecosystem needs both to build solutions for tomorrow.

Eklavya, meet Dronacharya.
Dronacharya, meet Eklavya.


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