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Launching PULSE: SaaSifying Net Promoter Score Analytics

Launching PULSE: SaaSifying Net Promoter Score Analytics

We recently launched a new SaaS product called PULSE. And boy! Are we excited about it or what!
We had a small digital launch (yeah we’re cool like that!) at the Aureus office with a few folks from the industry and the team, and a few visitors as well.

What it took to build PULSE:

  1. 3 months of development for the first release
  2. A team of 8 for Design, UX, Development, Testing, Data Science
  3. 1761 hours worked
  4. 800+ cups of coffee. And 1200+ cups of tea
  5. Average work day – 15 hours+

Now let me quickly tell you about PULSE (without trying to sell it you :D).

Using PULSE, enterprises (Insurance for now, but more coming up later) can use the customer feedback they receive, and actually do something about it. Now, I am not saying that enterprises don’t take customer feedback seriously. Infact, some of them are so serious about it that they have separate teams to ensure that feedback is closed looped. And also teams to ensure that the feedback teams are doing their jobs of collecting feedback. You get the picture.

So what happens to your feedback once you log it in with the call center or email the support team? One of the following –

  1. It gets stored in a database
  2. It gets stored in a database, and you get an acknowledgement.
  3. It gets stored in a database

At the end of the day, or week, or month, someone pulls out a report and identifies the number of complaints, and builds a good looking pivot and pie chart around the:

  1. Number of complaints
  2. Type of complaints
  3. Comparison with last period
  4. Sales target for next period
  5. Thank you slide

So what eventually happens, is that the feedback is recorded, saved and even shared, but not really acted upon. This is a gap. We call this the ‘actionability gap’. What this means is, while enterprises are getting customer feedback, they are not really sure what next step to take based on customer feedback at a specific point in time.

So we built a product to cover this ‘this is what you should do next’ gap, and called it PULSE.

PULSE helps such enterprises effectively bridge this actionability gap. What it does is, take customer feedback, add their interaction data (since the beginning of their relationship with the brand / service / product), run some really cool text analytics and data science models, and GIVE the user insights AND Actionables. And voila! The business user can use these data points and actionables to craft their next strategy. It is that simple.  And yes, since one may have multiple sources of data, we made sure PULSE could work with any structure, size and type of data. Plus, PULSE has a some seriously good looking chart and reporting options.

Ok enough about the product. If you want, you could give it a try at and we could give you a trial account to play with.

Here are some photos from the launch!

Pulse Standee Banner

Figure 1: We Believe in this!


Figure 2: Anurag, setting the context


Figure 3: Shri Sudhin Roy Chowdhury at the PULSE Launch


Figure 4: Bhavana giving a quick demo of PULSE to the attendees


Figure 5: Meera and Sangeeta giving a quick demo of the product


Figure 6: Anurag and Tim


Figure 7: Srini Making a Point


Figure 8: Part of the Core Team behind PULSE


Figure 9: Our Product so precious, we even hired bouncers to protect it! Just kidding, that’s Rajith (Data Science) and Ashok (Testing)



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