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Improved Comparison of NPS Analysis using PULSE and a BONUS Feature!

Improved Comparison of NPS Analysis using PULSE and a BONUS Feature!

Comparison by far is one of the easiest methods to gauge improvement.
In its earlier avatar, a user could compare only 2 NPS survey analysis at one time.
But guess what! Going ahead, as user is free to compare the analysis of as many surveys as they like!

About the new comparison:


The new comparison allows users to compare analysis reports from multiple surveys – either within the same process or across different processes.

  • Using the ‘Compare’ functionality from the LHS menu, the user can access the comparison module, and choose the process group or all the processes that she wants to compare
  • Once she selects the survey analytics that she wants to compare, she has two options:
    • Express Compare – Compares the survey analytics for only the common variables in the selected surveys
    • Expert Compare – Compares all the variables across all the selected surveys. The user will also have the option to then specify how the uncommon variables are to be treated.

About the Bonus feature:

Remember how you told us it would be nice to deep dive into each word in the word cloud?
We did too. And introduced ‘Pivot’.
Pivot lets the user deep dive on customer type feedback for each option of the filter chosen.
For example, if Rocketz Insurance has 6 product categories, then a pivot on ‘Product Category” will give 6 x 3 (one each for Promoter, Passive and Detractor) world cloud. Awesome isn’t it. We think so too!

How does this affect you, the user?

With the new and updated ‘Comparison’, user can detail out the improvement in the NPS score as frequently as they run the surveys. And it also helps to see how one the NPS analysis from one process compares with another.

When will you get this feature?

The feature is rolled out to all subscribed customers already!


Go on, PULSE to an #EPICX!


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