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CRUX: Customer Experience Analytics Re-imagined

CRUX: Customer Experience Analytics Re-imagined

Customer experience will soon overtake price and product as any brand’s key differentiator. Click To Tweet

With that as our driving force, we introduce CRUX to enable EPIC customer experiences using better analytics.

CRUX was launched on February 03, 2017 in the presence of industry practitioners and veterans.

What is CRUX?

Most of you already know of Customer 360 (or C360) as one of our key products that helped insurers and banks leverage all their customer data and deliver actionable insights at the point of decision.

CRUX is the generational evolution of C360 – only leaner, meaner and much more powerful. It is a data analytics platform which can help insurers and banks deliver an EPIC customer experience anytime anywhere.

How CRUX makes CX EPIC?



  1. Customer One View: CRUX will connect with any and all of an insurer or banks legacy and mode.rn data systems. Thus making it one of its kind of platform that delivers a One View, which is intelligent, and actionable. This is not similar to a CRM, but smarter.
  2. Household Analytics: CRUX’s intelligent algorithms help the user identify households from their individual customer policy base. This helps banks and insurers understand an overall portfolio, reach out to customers whose contact details may have changed and make a better cross sell or upsell proposition.
  3. Evaluate sentiment at every transaction: CRUX leverages advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques to evaluate the sentiment of the customer at every interaction and transaction. Using Aureus’ proprietary Sentimeter, CRUX automatically assigns a disposition value to the customer.
  4. Customizable Algorithms: Every organization uses analytics differently and using a different mix of significant variables. CRUX understand this need for flexibility. While CRUX ships with a few analytical models pre bundled, an organization is free to use their own models for analysis.
  5. NO CAPEX: CRUX is designed for the enterprise of the future. It’s underlying architecture delivers a seamless experience over the cloud securely.

Where can CRUX be used?

CRUX has any number of use case possible, but the most popular ones are

  1. Persistency / Retention Improvement
  2. Cross Sell Analytics
  3. Fraud Identification and Claims Analytics


Some pictures from the launch

CRUXAnurag with Durga Prasad, Kotak life

CRUX launch 2Ashish with Apaar, Landmark Insurance

crux launch 3Anurag with Shantanu and Anil from Microsoft

Team ATeam ‘A’, delivering EPIC customer experience

View the complete album here.

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