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New Age Fundraising

New Age Fundraising

TiE is a very active association when it comes to organizing quality entrepreneurial events. Anurag was invited to participate on a panel on alternative financing for entrepreneurs at TiE’s The Runway to Success Mentorship Camps organized at the Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI) at Mumbai. I accompanied him to ISDI to get a feeler of the event. The ISDI has a fantastic state of the art campus. And that there is a fantastic brewery in the same complex, added to my motivation!

The panel was chaired by the charming Sumir Verma MD, Merisis Advisors, who to his credit opened the discussion by announcing the score of the cricket match between India and Bangladesh first. With the score anxiety sorted, it was time discuss on alternate routes for funding for entrepreneurs and startups.

Aureus recently raised a round of funding via the crowdsourcing platform LetsVenture. Anurag brought highlights from that experience to the table – how it helped us reach out to a wider group of angels who understood our business; how we could reach out to who we wanted to invest in our business; how we could retain control of decision making and so on.


Aditya Mishra, from Headstart and SwitchMe, was the other panelist. He spoke about the importance of hiring professionals to deal with anything related to RBI and SEBI, and how to not let investors force you to change your business model. Aditya’s learnings from his ventures made quite a collection of interesting anecdotes.

The audience were also an eclectic bunch- some already running their startup, some pre launch and some still contemplating. I identified a few folks from the tech space, food business and even a few experienced folks.

It is always good to meet folks from the startup community and their enthusiasm is infectious. I hope TiE continues organizing such events on a regular basis.


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Ketan has over 8 years of experience in helping organizations develop messaging for their clients. Having worked in multiple roles across some of the largest global technology firms, Ketan takes care of Marketing, Brand Development, Partnerships and PR for Aureus.

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